A Year for Change (9 Universal)

I had a dream that I was in a grad school classroom.

The teacher asks, “Who here graduated Magna Cum Laude?” He looked around the class room.

I shyly raised my hand and said, “I actually graduated Summa Cum Laude, was that good too?”

He didnít respond.

He went on to say, “Is there anyone in here who would like to go to Miami to teach a class for a week? All expenses paid.”

I wanted to raise my hand, but hesitated. He said, “You will have to teach an Intro to Music class to Middle School Students.”

Still didn’t raise my hand. Someone else did and they got the opportunity.

After class I looked at the curriculum for the music class and realized that it was easy and I would have been able to teach it even though it wasn’t my field of expertise. I looked at upcoming schedules for that class down the line to see if there would be any openings, but the ones that were available, did not fit my schedule.


Dream Symbolism
Usually when I have a dream I wake up confused. I run to the internet to Google dream symbols for this and that. I somehow devise a plausible message that the dream could have been telling me.

I didn’t have to do that with this dream, the message was clear. Since no opportunities have come up that I have lost out on, I’m guessing that this is something to come.
What? I couldn’t tell you. A clue is in the setting. I start Grad School in the Fall. Perhaps this will be an opportunity there. Not the same opportunity, but one that could be interesting and challenging. One I shouldn’t be afraid to take and learn as I go.

I have some life dreams the dream could be eluding to

  • To write and publish a well received book
  • To teach at the college level (Writing, English)
  • To write for publications

Or none of the above.  Regardless, it  tell me that an opportunity is coming, and it is telling me to not be afraid of it. Change is scary but it can also be good.


#99 year BLOG Universal Year
This is a #9 Universal year (2016 2+0+1+6=9).

In short that means that this year things will come full circle. 9 represents endings, which means next year is a #1 Universal year, and that means new beginnings.

The last #9 Universal year was 2007. Not sure I remember what I did yesterday, let alone 9 years ago, but if I think hard enough, I’m sure I can find something that came full circle followed by something that started a new in 2008.

I read something very meaningful to me at Sungatescenter.com

“Try hard not to hold on too tightly to things you really need to release because then the energy and the force of the Number Nine may not be pleasant to deal with. Learn to let go and let be. It’ll be much easier and you will be glad you did. Many will feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted off their shoulders.”


This happened to me in this way. My situation was weighing on me, but the minute I let it go and let it be everything felt lighter. This happened in JuLETITBEBLOGne, which is the half way mark of the year.

Big changesare happening for my friends too. New jobs and new relationships (which means they had to let go of the old jobs/relationships).

I myself finished school this year and will start Grad school in the last 1/3 of the year.

Several relationships/friendships have also ended for me. They were not serving my highest good, so it was not hard to let go.


I know that things are falling away, and that is OK because it is making room for better things and new opportunities.

I urge you to look back over this year and see what things have you let go of. We have five months to go, donít be surprised if more things fall way. Now you know, it will be OK.


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