Adventures in Hoodoo – Spiritual Baths

See Adventures in Hoodoo – Candles for the first part of the adventure.

Yes. I got a candle to burn clear. I had an ‘in’ with a Santero, so now I was Head Hoodoo Priestess…yeah…no.

Although my protection candle burned clear, there was so much negativity around me, that it could only be removed properly with a spiritual bath.


Miss A, the experienced Santeria and Palo practitioner I spoke of in my other post, suggested I get a certain type of spiritual bath, one with Hyssop and other herbs. These come in several recipes; I was told to get the one that had 13 herbs.

I ordered it online. Of course, because I wanted it right away, it took forever to arrive.

When it arrived I was pleased. I was making plans to go home and take a bath after work. Once I read the instructions, I had to put the kibosh on that. There were procedures that needed to be followed to ensure optimal results.

  • A spiritual bath should be taken before dawn
    • This normally wouldn’t have been a problem as I get up at 5:20 am.  But my vacation would coincide with this.  The first few days were fine because I was going to work. The vacation days hurt.  Getting up at 5:20 am when I didn’t have anywhere to go literally hurt!
  • A spiritual bath needs to be made at the time of cleansing (not the night before)
    • Making a fresh batch every morning required me to get up at least 20 minutes earlier (5:00 am). These herbs had to be boiled for 13 minutes.
  • A spiritual bath needs to be poured over the head
    • If you hadn’t noticed…I’m black.  Many black women do not like to get their hair wet as it is very expensive to maintain. Luckily my hairdo was of the curly kind, so getting it wet wasn’t an issue. However, a way around this is to just pour from the face down, avoiding the hair. I did this both ways, but I noticed when I poured it on my face directly, it stung.  I’m not sure what herb was causing the stinging, but it was unpleasant.
  • A spiritual bath needs to have a psalm recited while the water is poured over the head
    • Because I was seeking a certain type of cleanse/form of protection, I was required to recite Psalm 37. Have you read Psalm 37? 40 Verses!  Impossible to memorize.  Imagine standing in the bathtub with one hand pouring liquid over your head while holding the paper with the psalm on it in the other.  I had to douse myself 13 times. Needless to say, I needed several copies of that Psalm before my 13 day cleanse was done. Backsplash is not cool.
  • A spiritual bath needs to have its water collected and dsposed of at the crossroads
    • I didn’t need to collect all of it, just a tiny bit after each bath.  The collection was the easy part. It was the disposal that was tricky. I live in a neighborhood where there are not many crossroads.  The nearest true crossroad was one block from the subway. In the city, it is best to dispose of this type of water in a sewer.  I had collected it in a plastic bottle and had to open the bottle and dump it out. I was a little self conscious.

Regardless of all of these obstacles, I completed my spiritual cleanse after 13 days.

Some of you might wonder if I actually took a bath/shower during this time. The answer is yes.  I showered with soap each day prior to the spiritual cleanse.  I didn’t towel dry myself. I drip dried, which in the middle of December, is not much fun.

A few days later, I burned another love candle. This time there were no evil faces; nor were there any happy ancestors.  It was a clean burn from top to bottom.

So did it work? Well sort of.  I had to do some leg work, but I met someone. We dated for a bit, but after three months, it came to an abrupt end.

I am going to give the credit to my ancestors and the universe for that one.  He came in to show me that I have been cleansed.  He was removed because he was not for me.

 (To Be Cont’d)


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