Busy Thinking #1


Having peace within is the goal.  If turmoil is occurring, it should not disturb your inner peace.  An outside force cannot shake true inner peace.

External chaos will exist because there will be people who are not at peace with themselves.  They will stir up the negative energies that come from within them.

These negative energies will lower your vibration.

Negative situations come from people with lower vibrations. Contact with these people is unavoidable in the modern world. If we are not observant, this negativity will lower our vibration and we will not understand why we are in the doldrums.

Don’t let outside forces control you.

Instead of having negative vibrations bring you down, use your higher vibration to bring others up.

Don’t just be the light, be the match.

Influence with your peace.
Influence with your love.

To change our outer world, we must change our inner world.


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