Adventures in Hoodoo – Ancestor Altar

Please read Adventures in Hoodoo-Candles and Adventures in Hoodoo-Spiritual Baths for the first two pars of the story.

I burned the candles and I took the bath, the only thing left to do was build an Ancestor Altar. I had no idea how to do this. Miss A. gave me the ‘rules’ about building this altar. There are no hard and fast rules actually, but for what I needed it for, she said this way worked best.

Level stand alone surface (TV table etc., not the top of a bureau)

  • White covering / tablecloth
  • White candle
  • Cross
  • White Flowers
  • Glass with water

That was it. It was elegant and simple.GRANDPA

She told me to recite the “Our Father” and then thanking the Angels etc., and end with thanking my ancestors. I was to do this for two weeks before I even thought about asking for anything.

I was told to put no photographs or artifacts on the altar either. She said that was calling in a specific ancestor, and I should not limit where the help comes from.

After the two weeks of just prayer, I could have asked for stuff, but there wasn’t anything I really needed. I was just looking for love, someone to share my life with. I asked for that, but didn’t harp on it. How many times can you ask for the same thing?

As I mentioned in my last post, someone did come along. It was good for a while and then it fell flat.

I wondered if it was because I was neglecting my altar, it had fallen into disarray. White flowers were hard to come by unless I went to the florist, and it was the dead of winter, I didn’t feel much like taking the trip to get fresh flowers all the time.

I started it up again when things looked like they were falling apart in the relationship. I prayed for them to help me decide what to do. I had wanted to end it, but wasn’t sure how to go about it.

But I didn’t have to, they heard me. He ended it first.

Small (or big) blessings from the ancestors.

I do not revere them any less; I just don’t make a production about it. I may resurrect it, but I feel that they hear me no matter where I am or what formal process I do. They’ve always heard me. They know I appreciate the sacrifices they have made albertain order for me to exist.

If I do resurrect it, it will be a standing altar as opposed to an active one. Flowers when I can, a candle when I remember, but always a sacred place.

~The End~


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