She’s Already Here

28394622442_6d457a54e2_oThe Lord is coming. Be ready get baptized by immersion. Keep God’s law including the 7th day sab. God Bless.

I squatted down to pee in a bathroom stall in Newark Penn Station.  I look up, and see this. I read it and thought, “So holy and proper but vandalizing a bathroom stall.”

Then I saw the other message. “She’s Already Here.” I smiled for two reasons.

  1. The second message states the Lord/God is a SHE
  2. The second message states that God is already here

Not sure if the person who wrote this is Wiccan or in the process of a spiritual awakening, but the person possesses the right thought process.

I also cannot tell you the last time I saw writing in a bathroom stall.  I only see that stuff now in movies.  This would never fly in New York Penn Station.




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