Thought then Action

“That stuff doesn’t work; that positive thinking nonsense. The world is an awful place and I never get nothing.”

My daughter said this to me during a conversation. She was waiting to hear about a job. I told her to keep a positive outlook because she was starting some negative talk. The statement she made came out with a lot of anger attached to it. My daughter is 17, I think back to when I was 17 and how awful I thought the world was then.

With all her negative talk, she still got the job.

Her mindset is not unusual. I’ve come across many people who feel this way. Life is miserable, they get nothing they want, and everyone has more than them.

This not only plagues my daughter, but my son and mother as well. Makes you wonder how I escaped it. Well, I think my disposition comes from my father. He is no longer alive, but his sister is. She has a positive outlook and I am sure that is where this strand of my DNA comes from.

People think Positive Thinking is a magic pill.

If I think positive I will get the car/money/job/lover. I don’t need to do anything but sit here and think positive happy thoughts.

Well no wonder nothing has come your way. You need t have inspired action.

Inspired Action

I decided to go back to school after a 17 year absence. When I was in school before, my GPA was nothing to brag about. It was actually so low; I’m embarrassed to tell you. However, when I started this time around, I vowed to myself that I would graduate with a 4.0 and graduate Summa Cum Laude.

I kept that mind set each semester. I actually didn’t find the work difficult. I didn’t graduate with a 4.0. I graduated with a 4.045 and yes, I received my degree with the Summa Cum Laude seal on it.


This is an example of positive thin


king coupled with inspired action. I knew that if I wanted the good GPA, sitting there not doing anything (class work, homework etc.) would not get me it. I had the idea, but I had to take action.


Negative Talk

I don’t know which is worse; not taking inspired action, or having negative talk.

My mother once had a job she really hated. She’s actually had a few. Three jobs in particular made her very unhappy. One year on Christmas day, she sat at the dining room table with her head down, obviously so depressed. She hated her present job so much, she couldn’t be happy even on a happy day. She was fired from all of these jobs.


Of course, to her, this had nothing to do with her, they were all scoundrels and hated her from day one.

I wonder.

They wouldn’t have hired her if they hated her. I think they thought they were getting one person, and later down the line, they realized they got another.

My mother was never a pleasant person. At first, she could fake a happy demeanor, but eventually her misery would seep out of her pores and into the either bringing everyone around her into a place they didn’t want to be, yours truly included.

Negative thinking, negative talk and just her general negative energy bring misery to her.


You do get what you think about most. I’m not immune to this.

I was dating a guy and at first it was pretty nice, then I started to notice things I didn’t like. Eventually the happy thoughts grew more and more toward me wanting to run the other way.

My thoughts caused him to dump me…small blessings.

Even though, for me, this was a desired outcome, it still was something I was thinking about a lot.

I think about winning the Lottery all the time, but I’ll be dog gone if it didn’t happen yet.

It is obvious I have an unconscious problem with money. But hey, the fact that I’m winning $2 and $4 means that my thoughts are improving.

If I win the Lottery great, if not, that’s OK too. Why?

Because I’m already content with the things that I have.

…well I wouldn’t mind Chris Hemesworth.






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2 Responses to Thought then Action

  1. joedalio says:

    Someone once told me that when our faith is strong enough, the corresponding actions occur automatically, and the action is fully inspired! Thanks for sharing your excellent advice and wisdom, and for making my day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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