Me and the Tarot

Self Taught Mess

I taught myself how to read Tarot cards many years ago. I read for myself, and only once a year. More than that was not necessary. I would read my cards on Halloween (Samhain) and not read them again until the next Halloween.

I was a literal reader. I used a tarot book that explained what each card means in the upright and reversed positions. I did not use my Intuition or common sense. I read it at face value.

Yes I was a novice. I did only the Celtic Cross Spread and didn’t use clarifiers. Looking back, I realize I had no clue as to what I was doing. I did not have the advantage of YouTube way back then. All I learned about reading was from the few dense books that were available at the time.


15 Years Later…

I recently started reading for myself again, after a 15 year hiatus.

I was speaking with another Tarot card reader on the phone recently, and she asked me if I read for myself. I told her I try, but I feel that it isn’t accurate because I see what I want to see in the cards. She said she doesn’t read for herself for the same reason.

If I wanted a positive outcome to a problem, I would clarify the shit out of that spread until I got some sort of positive answer.

Sometimes I still would not get the answer I was hoping for. Because of this possibility, I did not approach reading for myself with any excitement. No matter what spread I chose to use (I’ve learned a few more in the past 15 years), or which tarot deck(s) I used, I wanted a positive answer, and I wasn’t getting it.

I wanted to be in a romantic relationship with someone, but the cards were telling me, “It ain’t happening.” That is not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear, “Against all odds, you are destined to be together until death do you part.”

The cards were telling me what I didn’t want to hear, but what my intuition knew. I can see that in hindsight.

I’ve still don’t read for myself often. I may do a quick 3 card daily spread if I want a quick answer. However, I now use my intuition to read the cards, and only consult the book / web if I am unclear about it. That has been working better for me.

I also don’t ask “heavy questions”. I leave those for others who read for me.

Or I just let time do its work.


Other Can Read Me, Most of the Time

Fool copySome people who read my cards are pretty spot on. Others miss the mark completely. I take it all with a grain of salt, but at least when others read for me, I can’t make them say what I want to hear. They tell me what they feel or see. They tell me like it is. I can choose to ignore it or I can wait and watch.

I also don’t get a reading every other week. Two to Three times a year, max. This doesn’t include the self readings I give myself. I consider those readings practice. The readings by the professionals are limited. If I go to one of the better ones, I may not go for another reading for another 9 to 12 months. Sometimes, they can see that far ahead.

I usually shorten the period in between if I feel the reader misses the mark. I have narrowed my readers down to two, one in person reader and one phone reader.

I just visited the in person reader, therefore, I will not need another professional tarot card reading until at least January.

In between I will probably visit a medium, but that is a different animal.


Tips I Learned Along the Way

  • Learn the basic card meanings, but use your intuition to guide your reading
  • Learn a variety of spreads (Celtic Cross, Relationship Spread, Tree of Life Spread, etc.)
  • When reading for yourself learn to detach from the outcome
  • Go into the reading with a clear mindset
  • Have another read for you, preferably someone who has been doing it a while
  • Take it all with a grain of salt

It is nice to know what to expect, but it is even better to know that we have the power to change it through our perception.





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