Empath Forgot Crystals…

Today I went to the movies in Times Square. When I left the movies I walked in the area for a little while. I started to feel dizzy. I thought it might have been the soda I drank. It subsided the further away I walked from Times Square.

On the subway home I was starting to get annoyed, no reason.  Then I took the short bus ride from the subway station to my apartment and all of a sudden I wanted to cry. Just ball! I said to myself, “You’ve got to hold this in until you get home.”  When I got home, I had forgotten all about it. I didn’t feel like crying no more.

negenergycrystlToday I didn’t war my crystals. Sometimes I forget. Usually on the weekends I forgo wearing them on Sunday because I don’t go anywhere but church. Most Saturday’s I do remember, but today wasn’t one of those Saturday’s.

In hindsight, I know see that I was being attacked by all of that energy. Times Square is so flooded with different energies, I’m surprised I didn’t pass out from the dizziness.  I’m not sure if the annoyed feeling and the sad feeling were from people that were around me at the time, or something that attached itself to me in Times Square.

My apartment is full of crystals.  Especiallly the ones that dispel negative energy. There is a large one near my front door. You can feel the energy shift when you enter my apartment…well I am used to it, but others may be able to feel it.

Sometimes I forget I’m an empath. It is on days like today that I’m smacked back into that reality.

There is a great article on Empaths. A Must Read!  Empaths Forgot Their Power


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