Witchfest 2017


IMG_1777I went to my first Witchfest in July.  It took place on Astor Place in NYC.  It was only a block long (and it was a tiny block) but was it packed with goodies and good people.

Of course at the start of the fest there were religious protestors who didn’t fail to mention that we were all sinners…whatever happened to that quote about not judging? But I didn’t let them deter me. After all we were there…and so were they. But anyway!

There were a lot of nice wares there. Chalices and other magical tools.  Lots of herbs, candles, books, oils, incense, on and on.  I didn’t buy anything too extravagant. I got a couple of books, some herbs and oils.

I met a couple of nice people who ran the vendors. The energy was fantastic. For a small area I sepnt a lot of time at each vendor.

Not only did they have things to purchase, they also had workshops. I didn’t attend any of these, but it was nice to see the community come out and join together. There was also a Pagan Pride parade in the morning. I also did not attend that (found out about that one too late).

There are quite a few people who practice some type of magic. When people think of a Witchfest they may think Wicca or straight Witchcraft; however, those in the know…know they can get their materials here as well (Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santaria, etc.)

Hopefully I will be available to visit again next year.



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