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Empath Forgot Crystals…

Today I went to the movies in Times Square. When I left the movies I walked in the area for a little while. I started to feel dizzy. I thought it might have been the soda I drank. It subsided … Continue reading

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When people ask me what my religion is I say Catholic.  It’s just easier. I mean, I am Catholic. I was baptized, Communed and Confirmed in the Catholic Church. I go every week (Choir member), but does that make me … Continue reading

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Perfunctory Catholic

When asked my religion I usually just say that I am Catholic. I have been a card carrying Catholic for 23 years. Before that I was an unsaved heathen. My parents were two different denominations. Mom is a non-practicing Southern … Continue reading

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Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome: The feeling that one feels like a fraud or inadequate despite evidence to the contrary, this phenomenon effects smart and successful persons. It usually appears when a notable accomplishment is gained. Anyone can suffer from this syndrome; however, … Continue reading

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I was bored this weekend. Well, not the entire weekend, just the bit where I was by myself. There is a saying, “Bored people are boring.” I suppose there is some truth to this; however, I don’t think I’m boring, … Continue reading

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Me and the Tarot

Self Taught Mess I taught myself how to read Tarot cards many years ago. I read for myself, and only once a year. More than that was not necessary. I would read my cards on Halloween (Samhain) and not read … Continue reading

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If You Want My Advice…

What is Your Advice? I’m not a big advice giver, but when someone asks me, “What’s your advice,” I feel like I should say something. I give the advice, and is it heeded? Most of the time – no. I’m … Continue reading

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