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Perfunctory Catholic

When asked my religion I usually just say that I am Catholic. I have been a card carrying Catholic for 23 years. Before that I was an unsaved heathen. My parents were two different denominations. Mom is a non-practicing Southern … Continue reading

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Thought then Action

“That stuff doesn’t work; that positive thinking nonsense. The world is an awful place and I never get nothing.” My daughter said this to me during a conversation. She was waiting to hear about a job. I told her to … Continue reading

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Is Real Peace Elusive?

  Nonattachment Is real peace elusive? I can’t speak for everyone, but for me I find it is due to attachments. You might have heard the Buddhist practice of detachment (Letting Go), but actually the practice is known as nonattachment. … Continue reading

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First in person Tarot Card Reading / Dream Connections

This is the excerpt for your very first post. Continue reading

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It Slowly Comes Together – The Spiritual Awakening

I have been on a spiritual quest for almost 20 years. I started seeking when I met Carol in 1992. She was on her path to awakening. At this time I met another woman who was also on the path, … Continue reading

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